Koh-Do | 20 Stick boxes

Koh-Do Japanese Incense Sticks | Nippon Kodo | Baieido | sold by Vectis Karma

Koh-Do Japanese Incense Sticks

Koh-Do Japanese Incense Sticks – traditional high quality incense. Featuring sticks from Nippon Kodo (22 varieties) and Baieido (2 varieties) in small, affordable and attractive boxes.

Each Koh-Do box is ‘linked’ to a Larger box version – varying in quantity from 220 to 480 depending on fragrance. This makes them ideal to buy to try out new fragrances, before commiting to a larger box.

All Koh-Do items feature 20 sticks for £3.50 (inc. free shipping in the UK).