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Laughing Buddhaa

The Laughing Buddhaa Premium Incense Range

Made with natural floral elements such as plant leaves, fragrant roots, perfumed oils, herbs and spices bound with gum, our incense sticks will lift you into another world. We put a lot of effort in curating the fragrances for our market: some in the form of blends and some natural fragrances. Want mental and spiritual upliftment? Or a refreshing space? Try one of our incenses.

Like other incense sticks, we don’t smell like Cologne. We smell like pure, natural incense sticks. Incense like good old days.

Use them to focus well. Sleep better. Ward off misfortune. Get happy thoughts. Relieve stress. Feel better. Promote calm. Clear your head. Feel loved. Uplift energy. Purify the ambiance. Feel like a Hippie. Daydream about getting away into the wilderness.