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Baieido Japanese Incense Sticks | sold by Vectis Karma

High quality Japanese Incense since 1657

Baieido is a Japanese incense company established in 1657 and located in Sakai. They are especially known for their broad range of Aloeswood based fragrances - so descriptors such as deep, warm and spicy all come to mind when burning many of their products.

The name "Baieidō" is derived from the three characters Bai, Ei, and Dō, where:

  • Bai means "Plum Tree"
  • Ei means "Prosperity"
  •  means "Shrine or Store"

Baieido is recognised as one of the highest quality Japanese Incense comapnies in the world, blending the finest aromatic woods and resins to produce a natural, mild, low-smoke incense stick of superb quality and aroma.