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Indian Incense

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Indian incense Sacred Elephant

Our increasing interest in the incense and most specifically premium quality incense led us to expand our product line.

We stock a wide range of luxury Indian Incense, from premium brands Les Encens du Monde and now Sacred Elephant. We are particularly proud to offer Sacred Elephant Indian incense sticks as they are 100% ethically produced, using the finest natural ingredients to provide you with the best experience.

Indian Incense Sticks with unique fragrances

Our range of Indian incense is like no other. Using the finest oils and resins, these incense sticks will offer you unique fragrances: woody, floral & many others to be discovered here!

Our Indian incense is available in pack of 10 sticks or tube of 14 sticks. Also discover our broad range of Japanese Incense & Tibetan Incense.