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Kousaido Japanese Incense Sticks | 100% Organic ingredients | sold by Vectis Karma

Discover Kousaido Incense Sticks - 100% Organic Japanese Incense

Kousaido Incense - 100% Organic Japanese Incense. 

Kousaido are a modern, 'up and coming' Japanese incense company, known for their high quality, organic Japanese Incense - where great care taken in all aspects of production and packaging. Delicate, floral tones are the Kousaido 'signature', featuring in a number of package offerings.

Vectis Karma stock items from their 'Lucky animal' series (Lucky Rabbit, Lucky Crane, Lucky Sparrow and Lucky Frog) plus as a New! range their Hanga series Art Boxed incenses - Lotus, Lavender, Bamboo, Apple, Cherry, JasminePlum and Pine. Plus a number of very fine 'Fresh Flower' items