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Daily Range

Daily range of Japanese Incense Sticks by Shoyeido | sold by Vectis Karma

Browse the wide range of all-natural fragrances within Shoyeido's daily range

Shoyeido's Daily range has a lot to offer those seeking hig quality and good value for money when burning or "Listening to" Japanese Incense Sticks. The Daily range features long sticks (sticks lengths are 210mm or over 8 inches. These give a long burn time of approx. 50 minutes per stick.

All the items in this Daily range are complex blends of all-natural ingredients and should satisfy the most discerning of people who enjoy Incense. Prices for this range are between £4.49 and £14.95.

8 varieties in boxes with some fine art work, each containing a roll of Incense with sticks counts varying between fragrances. See individual descriptions for precise details. An 8 stick Assortment pack (one of each fragrance) is available, allowing you to try all 8 fragrances at a low-entry price.