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Japanese Incense

Discover our broad range of Japanese Incense Sticks

Japanese incense from Vectis Karma

Vectis Karma's prime specialty is Japanese Incense. We stock a wide range of Japanese incense sticks from all these premium, Japanese incense manufacturers: Nippon Kodo, Shoyeido, Baieido, Les Encens du Monde and Kousaido.

The key feature in Japanese Incense: Quality

We have chosen to specialise in Japanese Incense as they are made of the finest quality ingredients, which is in alignment with our values. In addition, they prove to have incredible relaxing properties; making them ideal for meditation, study, relaxation and all-round well being.

You can use Japanese incense wherever you want, and fully enjoy their benefits:

 ✓ Burn your Japanese incense sticks in your room to set your mind at rest

 ✓ Place them in an incense burner on your desk to relax

 ✓ Place the Japanese incense in the kitchen or toilets to enjoy the smell of it

Japanese Incense offers many types of fragrances

The types of fragrances to discover are very broad - including Woody, Floral, Fruit and Spicy. Some have their singular aromatic ingredients (Nippon Kodo's Morning Star range for example) - offering powerful scent experiences. Others have multiple ingredients blended, which offer complex and sophisticated aromas. One of our best-selling products is without a doubt Morning Star sandalwood incense which offers a sweet, woody fragrance, and is ideal for a daily use. The choice is wide and there is much to discover!

Not only do we stock an extensive range of Japanese Incense, but we also offer a broad range of Tibetan Incense, Ayurvedic Incenseand Indian Incense of the finest quality.

Nippon Kodo

Nippon Kodo

Nippon Kodo's Incense Sticks - Well-Being & Relaxation Guaranteed

Nippon Kodo leads the market in Japanese Incense Sticks - and it is with them that Vectis Karma has invested most time and investment in stock. You'll find a wide range - by cost, stick length, box size and fragrance type in our online store - all described in detailed. 

Choose from a wide range of contemporary, modern fragrances and traditional - including Woody, Floral, Fruity, Spicy and Seasonal. We have 14 sub-categories for Nippon Kodo Incense, with prices from £3.50 to £59.99.



Vectis Karma is proud to sell Shoyeido Japanese Incense. We stock the full 'Daily' Incense range (8 fragrances), Magnifiscents Angelic (5 fragrances) and Jewel Series (5 fragrances), plus Zen Incense (3 fragrances), Overtones (5 varieties) and several Shoyeido Selects items. You can be assured of great blends and all natural ingredients with Shoyeido Japanese Incense Sticks.

New! from January 2018 - a range of 3 high-quality Low Smoke Fragrances. We stock a 3-stick sampler pack, so you can try all 3 before buying the full boxes.



Established in 1657 by Jinkoya Sakubei, Baieido has dedicated itself to making incense for over 300 years.

Renowned for their Spicy and Woody fragrances.

Les Encens du Monde

Les Encens du Monde
Les Encens du Monde is a company dedicated to natural products, with Japanese Incense being a significant part of their focus.

High-quality products, natural product ingredients, 
good Ethics, Humanitarian and Environmental concerns are all central to the companies ethos appreciated and valued by Vectis Karma and our customers.



High quality, organic Japanese Incense - with great care taken in all aspects of production and packaging. Known for their delicate, contemporary and floral tones.

Nicely represented in their Lucky animal series (Rabbit, Crane, Sparrow and Frog) and the Hanga Art Box series, with 8 fragrances/varieties to choose from.


Fine Japanese Incense by Menuha

A range of 5 high-quality fragrances themed around Morning and Night times. Ideal for existing Incense connoisseurs and for those seeking an extra special, high-quality gift for someone special. 

Menuha is a premium lifestyle brand from Korea - who are marketing a sublime range of Japanese Incense sticks in luxury packaging. We stock their full range of Japanese Incense items, including a Collection box and superb Incense Holder called River.