Vectis Karma - Japanese, Indian, Ayurvedic & Tibetan Incense
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High-Quality Japanese Incense - by Menuha

Handmade by an Aroma Master, known as a 'Koh-Shi' in Japan. All fragrances in this range are made using only natural materials such as Woods, Herbs and perfumes from essential oils.

In conjunction with sublime and authentic fragrances, these items ship in amazing packaging including glass tubes with brass stoppers/stick holders. This combination makes the entire Menuha range perfect gifts for Incense connoisseurs. 

Themed 'Morning' (2 fragrances) and 'Night' (3 fragrances) you'll be able to find one that helps you find your inner peace at either end of the day.

Menuha's River Holder, made from Brass and Aluminium, is of the highest quality and the most innovate Holder we have ever seen. Highly recommend both for its look and function.