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More Sandalwood Incense Sticks from Pure Incense now in stock

More Sandalwood Incense Sticks from Pure Incense now in stock
We're now stocking an expanded line of Sandalwood Incense from Pure Incense, which is proving very popular with our customers. Here we present a range of qualities, from Classic, through Absolute to Connoisseur - and a range of stick quantities, depending on both size and quality.
  • Classic quality offers great value for money in 10-gram pack sizes for just £2.25
  • Absolute - offers Luxury Indian Incense in a wide range of fragrances and pack options from £5.95 to £12.95
  • Connoisseur/Connoisseur & Vintage are Premium level Indian Incense packs from £5.95 to £12.95
For Sandalwood in particular see:
Pure Incense - Sandalwood Fragrance. Lots of options - Amazing Fragrances

These items are now in stock and ship free of charge within the UK.
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Two new Japanese Incense Stick items from Nippon Kodo

Two new Japanese Incense Stick items from Nippon Kodo

Nippon Kodo's Kayuragi family has now been expanded to 14 fragrances, with the addition of Ginger, which we now have in stock. The Kayuragi range is a popular one with our customers - who value superior quality incense, presented in a Paulownia wood box. This reflects the products superior quality and makes them really special gifts. The full range of 14 fragrances includes contemporary woody, floral and fruity fragrances - something for everyone. At £15.99 per (40 stick) box, this makes them mid-range Japanese Incense.

For Japanese Incense which uses the rarest of ingredients and approaches the higher end of blended sophistication, we are now stocking Nippon Kodo's Kyara Taikan. Using 'Kyara' Aloeswood from Vietnam, which is considered to be the best Aloeswood available and costs more than gold by weight. These are priced at £34.99 for a delightful fabric bound box of 45 short sticks and includes a holder.

View more details by clicking these links to the product description and ordering pages:

These items are now in stock and ship free of charge within the UK.
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Everything you need to know about Incense fragrance

Everything you need to know about Incense fragrance

Shoyeido, one of the top 3 Japanese Incense companies have published a great guide to 'all things Incense'. This has been done in Manga format, the famous Japanese comic or cartoon style, popular since the 19th century. This format may not be for everyone, but its cartoon-like format makes it accessible and easy to read. 

Within this "Everything about Fragrance" guide you'll find:

  • What is fragrance?
  • So many kinds of fragrance
  • How Koh (Incense) is made
  • Fragrances are amazing
  • Explanation of Mon-Koh - Japanese Incense Ceremony

Click here to view 'Everything About Fragrance' by Shoyeido.

We hope you'll find it interesting. It's 132 pages in total - so take your time and enjoy, perhaps whilst 'listening' to a good Incense stick from Shoyeido.

We're pleased to stock a wide range of Shoyeido Japanese Incense - click here to view the full range.

This includes the Daily, Magnifiscents, Selects, Zen, Overtones and Low Smoke families.

All items in stock and ship free of charge within the UK from Vectis Karma.

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Recommended Fragrances for Wintertime

Recommended Fragrances for Wintertime

At the time of writing, the weather remains cold and wet and the nights are still long and dark. We're still very much in the grips of Winter.

Within our home and in the Office we find Incense fragrance to be heavily influenced by the seasons. So, here, we want to share our recommendations for which fragrances and products work best in Winter. This season suggests dark and woody themes - so here are a few our of recommendations:


Lastly, for a low smoke option, try Kazedayori Winter Narcissus from Nippon Kodo (see image) - also available as Genji in the 20 stick Koh-Do range.

All items ship Free of charge within the UK.

Do you agree with the suggestions above and/or do you have some of your own? Feel free to feedback on the link below or contact us for more advice.

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New Low Smoke Japanese Incense Sticks from Shoyeido

New Low Smoke Japanese Incense Sticks from Shoyeido

Shoyeido's master incense blenders have developed a series of Low Smoke Japanese Incense Sticks - with each fragrance having its own distinct character. Expect the fragrance and smoke output from these sticks to be fine and delicate - perfect for those wanting fragrance in a room without much smoke. To achieve this level of low smoke only the finest Charcoal base ingredient must be used. There are 3 fragrances to choose from, each shipping in a box of 150 sticks:

All fragrances in this Low Smoke range from Shoyeido are clean burning, create white ash and very little dust. 

Further, given these are from Shoyeido, one of the top 3 Incense companies in Japan and boosting over 400 years experience, you may expect:
  • No synthetic oils or fragrances
  • No animal ingredients or testing
  • No wooden central core to the sticks (clean burning)
  • Pure incense ingredients offer quality and long-lasting aromas
  • Made in Japan
Prices range from £19.99 for Honoka, to £39.99 for Oboro, with Kasumi in the middle at £29.99. All items from Vectis Karma ship free within the UK.

Click here to read more about Shoyeido


Here for our article about Incense in General

and the previous article about other Low smoke items we stock Here

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More Agarwood options from Pure Incense

More Agarwood options from Pure Incense

Agarwood (or Oud/Aloeswood) is a particular specialty for Pure Incense. Our last blog article announced the Premium Oud items we are now stocking (and burning ourselves!) and that you'll find in the Connoisseur & Vintage section of the shop.

Today we focus on Agarwood in the Absolute family or quality grade. The Absolute range is high-quality, made in small batches and uses increased quantities and qualities of essential oils (than the Classic range). In addition, fewer base ingredients are added, so that the headline fragrance is more potent. Whilst mid-range from Pure Incense, these outperform most Indian Incense sticks available anywhere and are truly Luxury Indian Indian Incense Sticks.

We're pleased to announce that we now stock:

The 50-gram bundles sell for £9.95 and the 50-gram gift box for £12.95. See links above for more product details.

We're also now stocking a Collection box featuring 5 woody fragrances (Agarwood, Frankincense, Parijata, Sandalwood and Black Sandalwood). See details/link below:

This sells for £12.95 - and ships Free in the UK, as do all orders from Vectis Karma.
 Read our article about Indian Incense sticks and how they are made here.

Lastly, click this link to read more about the key differences between Japanese, Indian and Tibetan Incense and the role base materials play in all 3 types.

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