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New items from Pure Incense - more amazing Oud/Agarwood fragrances

New items from Pure Incense - more amazing Oud/Agarwood fragrances

We've just taken stock of 2 new amazing fragrances from Pure Incense's premium Oud/Agarwood range

We're pleased to now stock these sticks, with Agarwood oils sourced from Thailand and Cambodia in the heart of SE Asia.
  • Thai Agarwood - A rarity in Agarwood sticks, given it's the soft and mellow fragrance
  • Cambodian Masterclass - with all the sweetness & fruitiness you expect from Cambodian Oils - just deeper and fuller in this Masterclass special edition
Both these are excellent additions to our expanding range of super-premium Agarwood sticks - and they sit well with others in this range, such as:
Remember - these are the best of the best, premium Agarwood sticks. For a more everyday Agarwood stick try:
All now in stock and ready to ship free of charge for all UK orders. We also ship worldwide - your relevant postage charges can be checked prior to finalising order using our checkout system.


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