Vectis Karma
Relax, enhance concentration,
meditate or set the mood...
We have over 400 Incense products in stock.
Vectis Karma
Relax, enhance concentration,
meditate or set the mood...
We have over 400 Incense products in stock.
Vectis Karma
Relax, enhance concentration,
meditate or set the mood...
We have over 400 Incense products in stock.

Vectis Karma - Welcome to our Incense Shop

The Best Shop to Buy Incense Sticks Online

We're passionate about Incense and what it brings to your life. Our passion led us to create this Online Incense Shop, where you'll find a large and broad range of luxury incense. You can shop for all types of Incense sticks and associated products: The finest quality Japanese Incense, Luxury Indian Incense and associated products such as Incense holders, burners and charcoal. Our extensive range of Japanese, Indian & Tibetan Incense has many fragrances to offer including wonderfully scented Aloeswood/Agarwood/Ouds, Sandalwood, Florals and hundreds more! Buy the best Incense sticks online, sourced from leading brands worldwide including Shoyeido, Nippon Kodo, Baieido, Pure IncenseSacred Elephant and Ume. High-quality Japanese IncenseTibetan Incense and the best Indian Incense sticks availableVectis Karma have it all covered!
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Nippon Kodo | Japanese Incense Shoyeido | Japanese Incense Baieido | Japanese Incense | Since 1657 Kyoto Kousaido | Japanese Incense | Organic ingredients Les Encens du Monde | Japanese Incense
Sacred Elephant Luxury Indian Incense Ume All natural ingredient Incense Sticks Menuha Fine Japanese Incense | sold by Vectis Karma Aromafume | Indian Fragrance Incense Bricks | sold by Vectis Karma Online Incense Shop Pure Incense Luxury and Premium Indian Incense | sold by Vectis Karma
Morning Star Japanese Incense | 21 fragrances | available in boxes of 50 and 200

Morning Star
by Nippon Kodo

All Morning Star fragrances in boxes of 50 and 200 plus a further 100+ Japanese Incense items from Nippon Kodo
From 3.50
Selected items from Koh-Do Japanese Incense Sticks | sold by Vectis Karma

20 Stick boxes

24 varieties in boxes of 20. All these are linked to larger quantity boxes, so these are ideal for trying out fragrances new to you.
Shoyeido | Japanese Incense | Daily Range | sold by Vectis Karma

"Life with Fragrance"

We stock the full Daily range, plus Jewel & Angelic items within their Magnifiscents ranges. And all 5 Overtones Fragrances.
From 4.49
Pure Incense Luxury and Premium Indian Incense | sold by Vectis Karma

Pure Incense

Luxury Indian Incense
Luxury Indian Incense sticks that are clean-burning, smooth and an aromatic experience without match.
From 2.99

New products and ranges at Vectis Karma

A new range of 6 natural fragrances from Nippon Kodo called 'Scentsual' 

This is a delightful new range of contemporary scents from Nippon Kodo, offering distinct singular fragrances based on good quality fragrance oils. With 6 fragrances to choose from, there's at least one that will resonate with most Incense users.

Get harmonised with nature by 'listening' to these fragrances. Plus, be assured that with zero colourants, 100% Natural Fragrance oils and packaging made with recycled paper, this range offers a kind approach to the manufacture of Incense sticks.

Browse each item description using the links below - from which you may also order. Each box of 30 Sticks + holder is £5.99.
We think Scentsual is a great name and a valuable addition to Nippon Kodo's impressive line up of Japanese Incense sticks. 

Fine Japanese Incense from Menuha - a leading lifestyle brand

A range of 5 high-quality fragrances themed around Morning and Night times. Ideal for existing Incense connoisseurs and for those seeking an extra special, high-quality gift for someone special. 

  • 2 Morning themed fragrances
  • 3 Night themed fragrances
  • Made with all-natural ingredients
  • Blended by a Japanese Aroma Master
  • Innovative design and sublime fragrances
  • Luxury packaging
This range also features a 4 fragrance Collection box and River - the most stylish and innovative Incense Stick holder we know of.

Everything about this range - the fragrances, the blends, packaging & design - all shout quality and excellence. View the full Menuha range Here.

Menuha Fine Japanese Incense | sold by Vectis Karma

Ume Natural Incense Collection 2019 | sold by Vectis Karma Online Incense Shop

Ume Natural Incense - new fragrances and packaging

Ume Incense Sticks have no bamboo core so we categorise them as a Japanese Style Incense. The spicy fragrances from this range will take you on aromatic journeys across counties/regions such as China, Tibet, Nepal and the Middle East.

The Ume range has been refreshed and features some new fragrances:

  • Abydos - a pure Frankincense
  • Dawn - top notes of Hinoki (Japanese Cypress)
  • Nomadic - a mysterious and oriental fragrance
  • Uluru - Australian Sandalwood
Features of all Ume Quality Incense sticks are that they are traditional, high-grade incense sticks made using 100% aromatic plant ingredients - herbs, spices, barks, seeds & saps - bound with water with no fillers. View the full Ume range here - which includes other fragrances and delightful handmade Incense dishes.

Mughal Emperors of the 18th Century meeting and burning Incense Japanese Ukiyo-e print featuring burning Incense | Vectis Karma | Online Incense Shop Vectis Karma's Online Incense Shop stocks over 400 Incense types and accessories, covering high-quality Japanese Incense, Luxury Indian Incense and Tibetan Incense

You'll find plenty of information about Incense on our site including 14 Reasons to burn Incense and the Benefits, General Incense Information, Indian Incense and Sandalwood Incense.

Contact us for advice on choosing Incense and selecting fragrances to suit a particular mood or activity. We're here to help and share our experience with you.
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Vectis Karma - No. 1 Incense Shop in the UK

Incense has been used for years in many civilisations to promote well-being, to put people's mind at rest or to perpetuate the tradition. Vectis Karma was passionate about incense since the very beginning, this is why we are knowledgeable about incense of all types and scents. Our incense shop was created to offer you the best quality incense sticks from leading manufacturers including Shoyeido, Nippon Kodo, Baieido and many others. Shop for luxury incense online at Vectis Karma.

Buy the Best Incense Sticks from Vectis Karma

We provide customers with high-quality incense from leading manufacturers amongst which the 5 leading Japanese incense companies: Nippon Kodo, Shoyeido, Baieido, Les Encens du Monde and Kousaido. We stock over 350 incense sticks types and incense holders. We offer a wide range of Japanese, Indian and Tibetan Incense, including the very popular Morning Star Incense by Nippon Kodo, their Koh-Do 20 stick packs and the full Daily range from Shoyeido.