Ume | High quality Incense Sticks | sold by Vectis Karma

Ume Natural Incense | 100% natural plant ingredients

  • Japanese Incense Stick format
  • Solid ingredient core - no bamboo
  • 100% natural plant ingredients, Inc.herbs, spices, barks & seeds
  • No essential oils or fillers
  • No synthetic perfumes
  • High quality production, packaging and presentation

  • Unique spicy blends and fragrances

Ume Logo | High quality Incense Sticks

We are proud to stock these Quality Incense Sticks from UK company Ume. Ume Incense Sticks have no bamboo core so we categorise them as a Japanese Style Incense. The spicy fragrances from this range will take you on aromatic journeys across counties/regions such as China, Tibet, Nepal and the Middle East.

Features of all Ume Quality Incense sticks are that they are traditional, high grade incense sticks made using100% aromatic plant ingredients - herbs, spices, barks, seeds & saps - bound with water with no fillers. These incense sticks are free from: a bamboo core, charcoal or essential oils. In addition there are no synthetic perfumes or other such ingredients.

Ume signature logo | high quality Incense Sticks

The quality of production, packaging and presentation is very high - and the fragrances have both strength and delicacy - these are complex blends. Much knowledge and understanding - both ancient and contemporary - has been invested in producing this range of incense.

We stock all 7 varieties in Ume's Incense range: MogaoAjantaPaomashanLabrangTa'erPoint Lobos and Monreale. Plus Ume's own handmade Incense Dish, which comes with a gold coloured metal, 3-holed, Incense Stick Holder.  The Holder is also available as a separate item, for use with your own tile, plate or dish.

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High quality, 100% natural plant ingredient Incense Sticks:

Ume's Incense Dish (handmade) and Holder options:

Ume's handmade Stoneware Incense Dish and Gold Incense Sticks holder
Monreale | high quality Incense Sticks from Ume
Ajanta | High quality Incense Sticks by Ume | sold by Vectis Karma
Ume's Gold coloured metal Incense Stick Holder