Kousaido Japanese Incense

Kousaido are a relatively new Japanese incense company, having been established in 1994. Their speciality and focus is on floral and contemporary fragrances - using only natural and organic ingredients.

Kousaido are a modern, 'up and coming' Japanese incense company, known for their high quality, organic Japanese Incense - where great care taken in all aspects of production and packaging.

Delicate, floral tones are the Kousaido 'signature', featuring in a number of package offerings.

Vectis Karma stock items from their 'Lucky animal' series (featuring the Rabbit, Crane, Sparrow and Frog) plus as a New! range their Hanga series Art Boxed incenses in 6 fragrances. 

The word 'Hanga' splits into two meanings - 'Han' for print and 'ga' for picture - hence this is in the series of Art box or fine pictures in the traditional Japanese wood block/print style.

There are also a few offerings in their 'Fresh Flowers' series - see below for details and links directly to the products in the online store.

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Our range of Japanese Incense from Kousaido


Hanga Japanese Incense Sticks
- in Art boxes

6 fragrances / boxes to choose from

£8.00 each

Lucky Animal Series

4 Fragrances

£10.00 each

'Fresh Flowers'

in various sizes

From £11.00 to £19.00