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The best Japanese Hinoki sticks we know of now in stock

The best Japanese Hinoki sticks we know of now in stock

We now stock Baieido's Sawayka Hinoki Japanese Incense sticks - there is no better Hinoki fragrance available 

Sawayaka Hinoki Japanese Incense sticks are a premium product, made from 100% essential oil from Japanese Hinoki Cypress trees. Hinoki Cypress trees are a very slow-growing evergreen tree, which is traditionally used to build temples in Japan. These Incense sticks are a tribute to the revered Hinoki Cypress Tree, and the very high-quality packaging reflects this well.

The essential oil in these sticks is special and rare as Japanese law means only Hinoki trees that have naturally fallen or died can be harvested. 

The fragrance characteristics of pure Hinoki are quite complex. Two elements making up the essential oil are alpha-Pinene (α-Pinene) and Borneol. It is said that when alpha-Pinenes are inhaled, the brain produces alpha waves, which produce a feeling of well-being and relaxation. 'Listening to' or burning these sticks will enhance your meditation or mindfulness practices.

See full details of this very special item here:
In stock and ready to ship free of charge for all UK orders. We also ship worldwide - your relevant postage charges can be checked prior to finalising order using our checkout system.


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