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Japanese Incense | Koh-Do | Haiku (Aloeswood) | 20 stick box | Low Smoke

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Japanese Incense | Koh-Do | Haiku (Aloeswood) | 20 stick box | Low Smoke
  • Japanese Incense | Koh-Do | Haiku (Aloeswood) | 20 stick box | Low Smoke
  • Japanese Incense | Koh-Do | Haiku (Aloeswood) | 20 stick box | Low Smoke
  • Japanese Incense | Koh-Do | Haiku (Aloeswood) | 20 stick box | Low Smoke
  • Japanese Incense | Koh-Do | Haiku (Aloeswood) | 20 stick box | Low Smoke

Koh-Do Haiku (Poetry - Aloeswood) Incense - An elegant and sophisticated fragrance

Koh-Do* Incense – traditional high-quality incense, made by Nippon Kodo, in small, affordable and attractive boxes.

The rare, exquisite and deep aroma of Aloeswood– also known as Jinkoh or Kyara**. Ideal for meditation, introspection and writing. This is an elegant and sophisticated incense.

Karen @ Vectis Karma says "This item represents extraordinarily good value, given the Kyara Aloeswood ingredients. The fragrance is elegant, unusual and sophisticated." 

Keywords: Reflection and Retreat 
  • Approx. 20 Incense sticks per box, brown in colour
  • Each is approx. 140mm long – just under 5.5 inches
  • Burn time is approx. 30 minutes per stick
  • Box features Traditional Japanese Art
  • Box dimensions are approx. 170mm (L), 42mm (W) and 12mm (D)
  • Also available in a large box format – see below
  • Incense made by Nippon Kodo in Japan
This fragrance is available in a large box of 300 - Mainichikoh Kyara Deluxe Aloeswood Incense | Box of 300 Sticks by Nippon Kodo - also stocked by Vectis Karma. Please browse the Nippon Kodo section of the shop for more details.

* Koh-Do incense offers an ideal introduction into the world of Japanese Incense, and an ideal choice for those wanting to try new fragrances before purchasing a large box. Using Nippon Kodo incense, each Koh-Do box is ‘linked’ to a large box – varying in quantity from 220 to 480 depending on fragrance. See the Nippon Kodo ‘Large Box’ section of the shop for more details.

 ✓    The Koh-Do range is ideal for trying new fragrances, before committing to a larger, more costly box of Japanese Incense

Much care has been placed in the design of the Koh-Do boxes – all based on Japanese masterpieces. This echoes the importance the Japanese place on incense burning or ‘listening to incense’. Koh-Do is one of the ‘Geido’ or Fine Arts in Japanese culture, along with ‘Ikebana’ (flower arranging), ‘Shodo’ (Japanese calligraphy), ‘Sado’ (Japanese Tea ceremony), ‘Yakimono’ (Japanese pottery) and ‘Noh’ (traditional Japanese theatre).

**Kyara is the most expensive aromatic substance on earth and is sourced from the rarest type of agarwood. Ounce for ounce, Kyara is around eighteen times more expensive than gold. Out of all things precious that are bought and sold, only the largest, most precious diamonds command a price as high as genuine Kyara Aloeswood/Agarwood. 

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Excellent scent - enjoyed this a lot.
Matt Avery A.
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Same as above.
Fareed E.
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Lovely Fragrance.
Harendra S.
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Rich and more-ish perfume.
Peter Y.