Product Rating
5 / 5
Big fan of cedarwood incense and did a Google search for the best brand and Morning Star was one of the top and I wasn't disappointed. Will definitely buy the brand again and from Vectis Karma.
Clive M. 8/2/2019 at 22h01
4 / 5
Very good everyday incense, I burn lots.
Dan C. 3/18/2019 at 10h27
4 / 5
I've used several Morning Star incense for many years and enjoyed their subtle, delicate aromas. This is the first time I've tried the Cedarwood sticks; the aroma is pleasant enough but , disappointingly, very slight.
David L. 10/30/2018 at 10h29
5 / 5
Good speedy service. Lovely product. Very happy would definitely purchase again.
Jo O. 10/21/2018 at 19h09
5 / 5
My favourite.
Charlie f. 10/15/2018 at 09h46
5 / 5
Love its smell.
Yan L. 8/22/2018 at 15h02
5 / 5
Forest essence.
Claire l. 8/4/2018 at 10h29
5 / 5
Lovely incense.
Simon T. 5/18/2018 at 08h15
5 / 5
Charlie f. 12/21/2017 at 02h19
5 / 5
Fantastic Japanese Incense, this is my favourite aroma - cedarwood. Smells divine. I love the fact that it is not too smoky, and it doesnt make me cough like indian incense does. This is a fab buy, you get a little ceramic stick holder in the package too. I definitely recommend!
Mrs J. 3/14/2017 at 23h37
5 / 5
Nice and woody.
N A V. 9/30/2015 at 10h09
5 / 5
Believe it or not this incense is the best air freshener for bathrooms that we know of! We do use it for other things, but this is the main one for us!
D S. 9/20/2015 at 16h43
5 / 5
This is a wonderful scent - calming and cleansing. Highly recommend it. Great service from Vectis Karma with a prompt despatch.
KC. 7/2/2015 at 10h25
5 / 5
Deep joy!
Claire l. 4/16/2015 at 16h13
5 / 5
A great price for 200 sticks. The fragrance of this cedarwood is fresh and woody. It reminds me of pencils, fresh wood shavings and a carpentry workshop. I can happily recommend that you try this incense. Very pleasant and value for money :-).
Steven. 12/15/2014 at 20h04
5 / 5
I love this brand and this particular fragrance of incense - it's an excellent product both for meditating or simply as an 'air freshener'.
KC. 8/2/2014 at 16h48