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New Japanese Incense & Bowls to choose from

New Japanese Incense & Bowls to choose from

Here are 8 new Japanese Incense & Bowls to choose from - offering a variety of fragrances, sizes and price points. 

3 of these new items are Japanese Incense - 2 in Long sticks formats and 1, the return of popular favourite which has been unavailable for a while. 
  • Seeds of Transformation - a long stick Floral/Woody with subtle spice notes. 65-80 sticks for £28.99
  • Middle Path - A warming blend of Frankincense, Sandalwood & Spices. Perfect for Autumn/Winter - 30 sticks for £4.99
  • Pine & Orchid Wedding - a returning Woody/Floral favourite - 30 sticks for £4.99
Plus our Incense Bowls/Censers stock is supplemented by 5 new arrivals:
These additions bring Vectis Karma's Incense product choice to well over 400 different items, all at the high-quality end of the Incense marketplace. Whether it's Japanese, Indian or Tibetan Incense you are seeking, plus the accessories that go with them - Vectis Karma has the best and widest choice in the UK.

As always, if you have any questions, or would like recommendations on Incense types, brands or fragrances, please email me at It's always a great pleasure to have a dialogue with our customers about our Incense in general and the items we stock.


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