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Two new Old Temple Japanese fragrances from Nippon Kodo

Two new Old Temple Japanese fragrances from Nippon Kodo

Two new Large box offerings from Nippon Kodo - offering great fragrances at amazing value for their high-quality.

We have expanded our Nippon Kodo large box range again to include two new wonderful fragrances. Tendan means Heaven in Japanese, so these are both heavenly fragrances.

The Jinkoh version offers a great everyday Aloeswood given its low price per stick (just over 10 pence each), which is gentle with light citrus notes.

Meiko (meaning Singing Incense) is an unusual Spicy Sandalwood supported by Cinnamon, Benzoin and Spikenard. This makes for a warm and invigorating fragrance. See the links below for full details and descriptions:
As with all items from Vectis Karma's Online Incense Shop, these will ship free of charge using Royal Mail 1st Class within the UK.
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