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New in stock - Ume's Quality Incense Stick collection

New in stock - Ume's Quality Incense Stick collection
We are proud to announce we are now stocking a new line of Quality Incense Sticks from UK company Ume. Ume Incense Sticks have no bamboo core so we categorise them as a Japanese Style Incense. The spicy fragrances from this range will take you on aromatic journeys across counties/regions such as China, Tibet, Nepal and the Middle East.

Features of all Ume Quality Incense sticks are that they are traditional, high grade incense sticks made using 100% aromatic plant ingredients - herbs, spices, barks, seeds & saps - bound with water with no fillers. These incense sticks are free from: a bamboo core, charcoal or essential oils. In addition there are no synthetic perfumes or other such ingredients.

The quality of production, packaging and presentation is very high - and the fragrances have both strength and delicacy - these are complex blends. Much knowledge and understanding - both ancient and contemporary - has been invested in producing this range of incense.

We stock all 7 varieties in Ume's Incense range: MogaoAjantaPaomashanLabrangTa'erPoint Lobos and Monreale. Plus Ume's own handmade Incense Dish, which comes with a gold coloured metal, 3-holed, Incense Stick Holder.  The Holder is also available as a separate item, for use with your own tile, plate or dish. You can view the whole Ume range Here.

Starting at £11.00 per box (for Mogao and Ajanta) we also feel the whole range offers great value for money given the overall high quality of fragrances, packaging etc.

We have free samples available for all varieties - email/message us and we'll send you samples with some 'listening notes'.

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Very much recommend these, having received the sample pack and listening notes I found the quality to be excellent. I particularly liked the Paomashan and Monreale, the latter being very keenly priced due to the larger box (90 sticks). This may be completely subjective but the Ta'er incense seemed to have a stronger, longer lasting scent, and so not as expensive as it may seem initially. I use a lot of incense on a daily basis and it was a joy to try these, it made a very pleasant change and I will be buying some with my next order, thank you for the samples.
Posted By: Pete - 6 May 2017 17:27
Hello Karen, Firstly let me thank you for the opportunity to review the Ume Incense Sticks.
They are a completely different set of aromas. I thought the Ajanta very beautiful as I did the Paomashan, Point Lobos reminded me of the very finest Tibetan/Bhutanese Sang powdered incense, superbly pure and meditative. All sticks had a long lasting aroma which must come from such pure ingredients. I thoroughly enjoyed this experience and hope I have been some help.
Regards, Ian
'May infinite compassion transform the suffering of all beings'
Posted By: Ian L - 16 May 2017 11:24
Listening to these over a bowl of hot oolong provided a brilliant experience.

As a lover of Sandalwood, Ta'er was of particular interest. It had a depth and far-reaching scent that some other sandalwood varieties lack. These are full bodied scents and are perfect for scenting a whole room.

All in all, Ume's range smell genuine and full of life. You can smell the quality of the ingredients used and one goes a long way.
Posted By: Will - 30 May 2017 12:17

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