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New Ceramic Incense Holder - Pirogue (Canoe Shaped)

New Ceramic Incense Holder - Pirogue (Canoe Shaped)

A new addition to our Incense Holders & Burners is the Pirogue - a ceramic, canoe shaped holder perfect for Japanese, Indian and Chinese Incense Sticks.

Pirogue is a long & narrow canoe, made from a single tree truck, common in South America and throughout The Caribbean. This Incense holder has been designed with the Pirogue in mind, offering both a pleasing to the eye and practical holder for burning Incense Sticks. Contemporary in finish, shape and colour - White with Blue lines. 

This holder is deep, making the collection of the ash safe and reliable. It's smooth porcelain finish makes it easy and ideal to empty and clean too.

In stock now - priced at £9.99 - all Vectis Karma orders ship free in the UK.

See full detail here

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