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Incense Holder | Porcelain | Pirogue (Canoe) Shaped

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Incense Holder | Porcelain | Pirogue (Canoe) Shaped
  • Incense Holder | Porcelain | Pirogue (Canoe) Shaped
  • Incense Holder | Porcelain | Pirogue (Canoe) Shaped
  • Incense Holder | Porcelain | Pirogue (Canoe) Shaped
  • Incense Holder | Porcelain | Pirogue (Canoe) Shaped

 Incense Holder | Porcelain | Pirogue (Canoe) Shaped

A Pirogue is a long & narrow canoe, made from a single tree truck, common in South America and throughout The Caribbean. This Incense holder has been designed with the Pirogue in mind, offering both a pleasing to the eye and practical holder for burning Incense Sticks. Contemporary in finish, shape and colour - White with Blue lines. 

The hole for sticks will accommodate a wide range of incense sticks - Japanese, Indian and Chinese (Feng Shui)  - all available at Vectis Karma.

This holder is deep, making the collection of the ash safe and reliable. It's smooth porcelain finish makes it easy and ideal to empty and clean too.

  • Made in China
  • Weight of Holder approx. 116 grams
  • Approx. 195mm Long (7.5"), 30mm Wide (just over 1") and 40mm (just over 1.5") Deep
  • Ships in a cardboard box
  • White Porcelain with Blue Lines
  • Contemporary design and finish

Tips on burning Incense Sticks:

Light the tip of the stick with a match or lighter, then gently blow or fan out the flame, leaving a red ember burning at the tip of the stick. Then insert the stick into the holder. This could be a hole designed for the purpose, or a more open sand area, which holds the stick well and allows flexibility for sticks of different diameters.

Things to be cautious about:

Incense sticks are safer than candles – no open flame – but please be sensible; do not burn unattended. Don’t place in a drafty position (will burn down too quickly and dissipate aroma). Make sure Incense is fully extinguished before leaving room. Keep out of reach of children and animals.


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