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New! Perfumed Japanese Incense sticks from Nippon Kodo - Hana no Hana

New! Perfumed Japanese Incense sticks from Nippon Kodo - Hana no Hana

We are now stocking the refreshed Hana no Hana range from Nippon Kodo - a range of floral/woody fragrances.


In 1911, one of Nippon Kodo's gifted Incense masters called Yujir Kito created a new range by fusing together Japanese Incense making techniques with Western perfumery knowledge. The result was Hana no Hana and has been in production ever since. Now celebrating over 100 years in production, the packaging has been updated and the range refreshed, giving more stick options.

The result of Yujir Kito's 'fusion blending' is 3 floral/woody scents, featuring top notes of Rose, Lily and Violet.

These prime floral ingredients are blended with a high-quality Indian Sandalwood base and a variety of supporting constituents such as Vanilla and Musk. This makes for rich, sweet and fresh fragrances that are far from shy and have good throw/linger - just what you'd expect from high-quality Japanese Incense. 

This range features 5 items - 2 with short sticks and all 3 fragrances, and 3 with long sticks, in individual fragrances:

These items are now in stock and ship free of charge using Royal Mail 1st Class within the UK.

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