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Vectis Karma and Nippon Kodo - Japanese Incense Sticks

Vectis Karma and Nippon Kodo - Japanese Incense SticksVectis Karma stocks the largest range of Nippon Kodo Japanese Incense Sticks in the UK.

This includes the following ranges: Morning Star, Herb & Earth, Koh-Do, Kayragi, Kohden, Quality Collection and Mainichikoh. This covers a range of small to large boxes and with prices from £2.75 to £59.99.

We believe this offers our customers great choice across all price points and quantities, with a huge range of fragrances to choose from. This includes the singular fragrances you'll find with Morning Star items, to the more complex blended fragrances that offer depth, variety and sophistication. 

With the new Koh-Do range, you can try blended fragrances (22 to choose from), priced at £3.25 . All of which are linked to larger quantity boxes, offering even lower per stick pricing.

View the full range of Japanese Incense by Nippon Kodo, stocked by Vectis Karma Here

This includes items from the following product families: Morning Star, New Morning Star, Kohden, Kayuragi, Herb & Earth, Quality Collection, Koh-Do, Everyday Incense and Koju 1575

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