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Two new Japanese Incense fragrances from Kousaido

Two new Japanese Incense fragrances from KousaidoWe have taken stock of two new items within Kousaido's Hanga Japanese Incense range. Kousaido offer organic incense with a contemporary twist, with much attention paid to the boxes and their art work. The two new fragrances are Apple Blossom and Jasmine.

Vectis Karma now stock 8 items in Kousaido's Hanga 'Art Box' Japanese Incense range, which offer the following top note fragrances: Lavender, Plum, Bamboo, Pine, Lotus, Cherry, Jasmine and Apple.

Each box sells for £8.00 each and contains 90 short (70mm) sticks, which have a burn time of between 15 & 17 minutes each.

Browse the full range of 8 items in the Hanga Art Box range from Kousaido Here

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