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Everything you need to know about Incense fragrance

Everything you need to know about Incense fragrance

Shoyeido, one of the top 3 Japanese Incense companies have published a great guide to 'all things Incense'. This has been done in Manga format, the famous Japanese comic or cartoon style, popular since the 19th century. This format may not be for everyone, but its cartoon-like format makes it accessible and easy to read. 

Within this "Everything about Fragrance" guide you'll find:

  • What is fragrance?
  • So many kinds of fragrance
  • How Koh (Incense) is made
  • Fragrances are amazing
  • Explanation of Mon-Koh - Japanese Incense Ceremony

Click here to view 'Everything About Fragrance' by Shoyeido.

We hope you'll find it interesting. It's 132 pages in total - so take your time and enjoy, perhaps whilst 'listening' to a good Incense stick from Shoyeido.

We're pleased to stock a wide range of Shoyeido Japanese Incense - click here to view the full range.

This includes the Daily, Magnifiscents, Selects, Zen, Overtones and Low Smoke families.

All items in stock and ship free of charge within the UK from Vectis Karma.

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