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New Green Tea and Coffee fragrances from Nippon Kodo

New Green Tea and Coffee fragrances from Nippon Kodo
Green Tea and Coffee fragranced Japanese Incense Sticks from Nippon Kodo's new Aroma Bliss range

The aroma of fresh Green Tea and Coffee from Japanese Incense Sticks. These sticks are refined and delicate - showing off their scents with sophistication and no hint of overpowering the 'listener'.

The fine Green Tea and Coffee ingredients are built upon a base of Japanese Binchō-tan charcoal. Sourced from Ubame Oak trees, this is considered to be the best charcoal available, as it burns at lower than normal temperatures. This ensures it does not release unpleasant odours and produces very low levels of smoke when burning.

These are beautiful boxes to have around the home and feature:

  • Approx. 160 5.5 inch sticks per box
  • The sticks are wrapped in fine Japanese tissue paper
  • Have a burn time of approx. 25 minutes each
  • A per stick cost of 12.5p each
  • Are made in Japan

Aroma Bliss Coffee and Green Tea show off Nippon Kodo's mastery of Japanese Incense to the full

Full details for each item follow:

Aroma Bliss Green Tea           Aroma Bliss Coffee

We sell these items for £19.99 per box, including Free delivery in the UK

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