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New £3.00 Taster Pack items from Sacred Elephant's Spécialiste range

New £3.00 Taster Pack items from Sacred Elephant's Spécialiste range
Sacred Elephant’s Spécialiste range of Indian Incense uses a more superior grade of essential oil than their Luxury Indian Incense sticks, making these even more special. Paying a bit more for this range will reveal new depths and strengths of aromatic notes. 

This Spécialiste range come in 4 fragrances - Blue Lotus, Sandalwood, Agarwood and White Orchid. The larger boxes (30 sticks each) are priced at £19.95 - so the Taster packs have been created in order to give you the opportunity to try a new fragrance at a low-entry price.

Each Spécialiste Taster pack features:

  • 4 sticks in a roll, wrapped in tissue paper
  • Each stick is approx. 8 inches long
  • Has a burn time of approx. 40 minutes each
  • Made from Superior grade ingredients
  • Are made in India

  These Taster packs for just £3.00 enables you to try these very special sticks at a low introductory price, before committing to buying the larger 30 stick box version (£19.95) if you decide you like them. 

Full details for each item follow:

Blue Lotus Taster pack        Sandalwood Taster pack        Agarwood Taster pack        White Orchid Taster pack        

We sell these items for £3.00 per 4 roll pack, including Free delivery in the UK.

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