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More Agarwood options from Pure Incense

More Agarwood options from Pure Incense

Agarwood (or Oud/Aloeswood) is a particular specialty for Pure Incense. Our last blog article announced the Premium Oud items we are now stocking (and burning ourselves!) and that you'll find in the Connoisseur & Vintage section of the shop.

Today we focus on Agarwood in the Absolute family or quality grade. The Absolute range is high-quality, made in small batches and uses increased quantities and qualities of essential oils (than the Classic range). In addition, fewer base ingredients are added, so that the headline fragrance is more potent. Whilst mid-range from Pure Incense, these outperform most Indian Incense sticks available anywhere and are truly Luxury Indian Indian Incense Sticks.

We're pleased to announce that we now stock:

The 50-gram bundles sell for £9.95 and the 50-gram gift box for £12.95. See links above for more product details.

We're also now stocking a Collection box featuring 5 woody fragrances (Agarwood, Frankincense, Parijata, Sandalwood and Black Sandalwood). See details/link below:

This sells for £12.95 - and ships Free in the UK, as do all orders from Vectis Karma.
 Read our article about Indian Incense sticks and how they are made here.

Lastly, click this link to read more about the key differences between Japanese, Indian and Tibetan Incense and the role base materials play in all 3 types.

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