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New Super High-quality Aloeswood Incense from Nippon Kodo

New Super High-quality Aloeswood Incense from Nippon Kodo

Super Exceptional quality Aloeswood Incense - finely packaged

Nippon Kodo's Kyara Momoyama Japanese Incense represents the highest quality Japanese Aloeswood Incense we stock.

The fragrance from Momoyama sticks is deep & haunting, and sweeter than you'll find in Kyara Taikan (the next level below in quality from Kyara Momoyama). 'Listening' to these sticks will reward you with a very sophisticated aromatic experience. You'll be enjoying a fragrance used at ancient Japanese Imperial Court Incense ceremonies.

These finest quality sticks are created from a blend of Aloeswood, herbs and spices. Kyara is the name used for the finest Aloeswood, sourced from Vietnam and surrounds. Momoyama Aloeswood is made from a rare Vietnamese wood that has sweetness and allows you to experience the deep rich fragrance of Japanese Momoyama era culture.

Available in two package sizes:
As with all items from Vectis Karma's Online Incense Shop, these will ship free of charge using Royal Mail 1st Class within the UK.
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