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Koju 1575 Incense from Nippon Kodo - 5 very special fragrances!

Koju 1575 Incense from Nippon Kodo - 5 very special fragrances!A special range of 5 blended Incenses, made to celebrate and honour Jyuemon Takai. Known as Koju, he was the master of incense to the Emperor Imperial Palace during the Tensho Era in Japan (1573-1592 CE). It was Koju who inspired the formation of Nippon Kodo in 1575. 

Vectis Karma stocks all 5 varieties in the Koju 1575 range – * Moegi, Odori, Oji, Kibo and Yama. All 5 fragrances in the Koju 1575 range are complex blends, so deliver a range of top, middle and low notes. To match your preferences in fragrance types, the following guide suggestions may help:

Floral: Moegi and Odori

Woody/Spicy: Yama and Oji

Soft/Sensual: Odori and Kibo

Sweet: Odori

Light: Moegi,Odori and Kibo

Dark: Yama and Oji

Warm: Yama, Oji and Odori

Cool: Kibo and Moegi

Aloeswood: Yama and Oji

Sandalwood: Moegi, Odori and Kibo 

For a limited time, you may obtain 20% off the normal list price of £24.99 - paying just £19.99 for each of these very special, complex and sophisticated fragrances.

See full details of all 5 Koju varieties Here

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