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Japanese Lucky Cats - 6 to choose from

Japanese Lucky Cats - 6 to choose fromOur range of small (6cm) Japanese Feng Shui Lucky Cat figures has now been expanded to 6 colours: Black, White, Pink, Red, Green and GoldThe colours of Japanese Lucky Cats is significant:

White associated with Happiness and Good Fortune.
Black associated with the promotion of Good Health. 
Green is for Good Health and success in Education and Studies.
Pink for success in Love and Romance.
Red for success in Relationships, especially Marriage.
Gold for protection against illness and encourages monetary good fortune.

The origin of Lucky Cats dates back to the Edo period in Japan between 1603 and 1867. They are known as 'Maneki Neko' in Japan, which translates literally as 'Beckoning Cat'. In the western world they are often called Fortune Cats, Money Cats, Welcoming Cats and Chinese Lucky Cats - however, the origin is certainly Japanese.

See here for the full range
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