Zen Incense

Looking for Temple Length and Grade Japanese Incense Sticks? The Zen range from Shoyeido will fit your needs.

The Zen range from Shoyeido are Japanese Incense Sticks in a long stick format - making them ideal companions for meditation, quiet reflection or simply to scent a large room.

These are 330mm (13-inch) sticks and are three times thicker than standard Japanese Incense Sticks. The combination of these two factors deliver a  burning time of approximately two hours per stick. 

Like all Japanese Incense Sticks from Shoyeido, these stciks are blended from 100% natural aromatic ingredients, have no bamboo core and are not tested on animals. We also stock a 3 stick trial pack for £2.50 - so you can try each fragrance at low entry price.