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Song of India - Herbal Incense Sticks

Song of India Herbal Incense sticks sold by Vectis Karma Online Incense Shop

A range of 12 Herbal fragrances from India by Song of India

Song of India’s Herbal Incense products area celebration of nature through fragrance!

Conceived to invigorate, enrich and energize your soul through natural aromas. Started in 1932 by Mr. Jagdamba Prashad Mathur, production of aromatic products has continued based on the principles of the ancient science of Ayurveda and made to age-old traditions and methods. In this Herbal Incense range, there are 12 fragrances to choose from.


We stock a range of 12 Herbal fragrances, each pack containing approx. 50 sticks and an Incense Stick holder with 4 holes.