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Japanese Incense from Baieido

The Best Relaxation Products - Japanese Incense Sticks 

We explain elsewhere on our site about the variety of uses and types of incense - whether practical, aesthetic, religious or for simple pleasure and relaxation - no matter its use, we feel Japanese Incense are the best; and like most things in life, you get what you pay for!

Shoyeido Japanese Incense - Daily range
We are proud to represent and promote Japanese Incense sticks from the leading incense companies in Japan - both traditional and modern. They all demonstrate a commitment to the use of all natural ingredients and zero animal products and animal testing in their preparation. Three of these companies in particular are considered the 'big three' incense companies in Japan; and all 3 have been in existence for over 300 years:
Japanese Incense from Kousaido - a contemporary twist on incense fragrances
Japanese Incense from Kousaido - a contemporary twist on incense fragrances - Hanga Art Boxes
Kousaido are relatively much younger; having been established in 1994, yet have earned a significantly positive reputation for their fresh takes on many classic ideas for incense. Subtle, floral delicacy are the key words that come to mind my for this brand, as well as great package design.

Les Encens du Monde (which means 'The Incense of the World') is a French company who has been set up in Montpellier, France, and who is dedicated to the manufacture and distribution of quality incense since 1993. We are pleased to promote a wide range of their products; which in addition to Japanese incense sticks also includes Tibetan incense, Feng Shui incense (Chinese), Ayurvedic incense sticks (Indian) and many types of incense burners, bowls and holders. This is a company with high ethical and environmental standards - which sits well with Vectis Karma and our customers.
Les Encens du Monde - Incense from Japan, Tibet, Nepal and China plus Holders & Burners

The Exceptional Relaxation Properties of Tibetan Incense 

Respecting ancient texts and traditional recipes, the Tibetan incense sticks Vectis Karma offers you are manufactured in Nepal. It is indeed the woman Dr Dolkar, a descendant of the very famous Tibatan doctors of the Lhassa school, who manufactures them in order to finance her mission: enabling people to benefit from cheap consultations.
Tibetan Incense from Les Encens du Monde

Izumo grey Incense Burner by Les Encens du MondeIncense Holders, Incense Burners And Bowls

We are always looking out for items that accompany and add value and pleasure to our customers use of incense. Holders, bowls and the like are essential items and vary widely in materials, style, size etc., so we have at least 5 categories of these items: metal holders, ceramic burners, stone incense burners, wood bowls and resin incense holders. Some items require a 'special' holder; i.e. Tibetan incense which is very much thicker than Japanese incense.

Buddha Greeting Cards

Unlike other religions, Buddhism does not prescribe or associate particular dates or festivals with the sending of special cards - so here we are presenting greetings cards that are celebrations of peaceful images, using Buddha art and Buddha images as the focus of attention. Peace, beauty and calm; rather than a specific event. Hence, all our cards are left blank inside, so that the giver or writer may determine their own expression and purpose. This could be congratulatory in nature, or perhaps in sympathy, hope, support, comfort, love or any other feeling you wish to express to another. There are 20 different cards available in our current Buddha or Asian set, 3 examples of which appear below. Sharing the love, getting in touch, being positive, reaching out to loved ones, being there for others ... however you describe it, whatever you're particular purpose or intention - it's good Karma to send to someone a positive, friendly, supportive and loving message!
Buddhist themed Greeting cards - exclusive to Vectis Karma - Giant Buddha HandBuddhist themed Greeting cards - exclusive to Vectis Karma - Gold painted Buddha HandBuddhist themed Greeting cards - exclusive to Vectis Karma - Freshly Painted Buddha Hand

Buddha statues from Vectis Karma

Buddha Statues

Buddha images on cards represent a peaceful image; somehow their power, tranquility and authority are magnified many times over when presented in a solid, three-dimensional format. Vectis Karma offer a variety of Buddha statues and Buddha art pieces, ranging from modern to antique, small and large. From a pure accessibility and affordability perspective we feature a number of Japanese Zen Buddhist items - hugely popular in Japan and very common good luck tokens. Contrast these with the 15th Century CE pieces we sometimes source from the Angkor Wat region of Cambodia.

Buddha statues from Vectis Karma - Large wooden, handcrafted Buddha from Bali

Zen Buddhist items from Japan

A range of items from Japan representing the Zen school of Buddhism. Including Daruma Lucky GodJapanese dolls modelled on Bodhidharma, the founder of the Zen Buddhism during the 5th/6th century CE - and incense, specifically aimed at enhancing meditation. 

Zen Japanese Incense - Long sticks by Shoyeido

Happy Buddha Kokeshi Doll

Dolls and Darumas

Mainly (but not all) Japanese Kokeshi Dolls. A good selection of Kokeshi dolls, which includes a Buddha very different in style to those from Thailand, Laos etc. Also Daruma - Japanese dolls modelled on Bodhidharma, the founder of the Zen Buddhism during the 5th/6th century CE. 

Daruma Zen Buddhist Kokeshi Doll - used for goal setting and encouragement

Ayurvedic (Indian) Incense Products 

Our Ayurvedic products are a range of 100% natural medicinal Ayurvedic incenses; made using the "dry masala bhattis" method. Particular care is taken to obtain the best quality ingredients. Their purity and their particular dosage is extremely precise. They are made by the Soliga tribal community using natural ingredients from the Karnataka region of India. Our supplier (Les Encens du Monde) donate part of what it makes by selling the incense to the Soliga association.


Ayurvedic - Indian Incense by Les Encens du Monde

Feng Shui - Lucky Coin string

Feng Shui Relaxation PRODUCTS: windchimes, coins, incense holders

A variety of Feng Shui items from Vectis Karma, including Wind chimes, coins and specific (Chinese) Feng Shui incense and holders.

Asian Tableware

Including Chopsticks, chopstick rest, bowls and trays. Items from Japan and China.

Chopsticks - Chinese and Japanese - large range from Vectis Karma

Woodstock Chimes - Precious Stone range

Woodstock Chimes For Relaxation

Woodstock Chimes are considered the world's best known brand for chimes - by quality of sound, manufacture and design - so Vectis Karma are proud to offer these to our customers. We stock the 'Precious Stones' range and many others.