Asian Chopsticks And Chopsticks Rest

Do you know the art of using Asian chopsticks?

Chopsticks are the traditional eating utensils of various East Asian countries including China, Japan, Korea, Indonesia and Vietnam. They are also used in Tibet and Nepal by the Chinese Han populations living there.

The Chinese term for chopsticks is 'Kuaizi' and they are made from a variety of materials including wood (especially bamboo), plastic, melamine and some metals.

Rules, guidelines or the etiquette of using chopsticks does vary in the fine detail from country to country - but there are a number of points which are 'good everywhere'. These include:

  • It is poor etiquette to tap chopsticks on the edge of one's bowl to gain attention
  • It is impolite to spear food with a chopstick - use a spoon for difficult items
  • It is considered poor etiquette to point rested chopsticks towards others seated at the table
  • Chopsticks should not be left vertically stuck into a bowl of rice as this is done in many funeral rituals
  • When finished with, leave on a chopstick rest or horizontally on the plate/bowl - tips pointing left

Asian Chopsticks Cannot Go without Chopsticks Rest

One of the leading rules for using Asian chopsticks properly is having a chopsticks rest.

Indeed, chopsticks and chopstick rests and are an essential part of a table setting for any authentic Chinese and/or Japanese meal. As previously said: when finished eating, the chopsticks should be put on the chopstick rest. This is why you will find a broad range of Chopsticks and Rests on our online store, both Chinese and Japanese chopsticks. 

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