The Pleasure Provided By Aromatic Incense Sticks

What are the benefits of home aromatics?

It smells good and makes you feel good. Moreover, aromatic incense are easy to use and enhance your life and home atmosphere... what's not to like! 'Aromatherapy' - Aroma (an agreeable smell or fragrance) + Therapy (treatment, rehabilitating, or curative process) - can take many forms; perhaps the simplest and most accessible being home aromatics. Or plainly put, making your home smell good, the way you want it... it is up to you to enjoy the benefits! These benefits include the following aspects:

Home aromatics incense sticks | Shoyeido Japanese Incense
  • Establish and enhance a mood or general feeling of well-being through carefully chosen aroma(s).
  • Introduce a sense of calm, concentration, spirituality, uplift, positivity etc.
  • Reduce tension, stress, anxiety - a myriad of modern day ills
  • Encourage restful sleep
  • Help combat or dissipate unwanted smells (cooking, animals) around the home
Kyara Kongo 60 short Japanese incense boxed sticks

Which aromatic incense sticks should I choose for my home?

At Vectis Karma, we are specialised in Japanese incense sticksstocking over 20 varieties. This includes wide coverage and stocking of items from the 'Big Three' Japanese Incense Companies - Nippon Kodo, Shoyeido and Baieido. In addition, we also provide you with Chinese incense sticks - to be discovered on our Feng Shui online storeTibetan incense and some from India, namely Ayurvedic incense sticks. If you are fond of big aromas, we advise you to choose incense cones which are especially ideal to scent small and large outdoor spaces.

Our personal preference are Japanese incense sticks. The choice with these is the widest; in terms of fragrances, ingredients, stick lengths, burn times, quantities and price. Our pricing in this category ranges from as low as £3.50 up to round £90 for a single box/pack. We also believe, it is within the category that you will find the best quality incense available.

Gozan Five Hills incense sticks by Shoyeido

High Quality Japanese Incense

Incense is used for a variety of purposes: to banish bad smells from your home, to repel insects, to purify or improve the atmosphere or to simply relax and appreciate the fragrance. As incense is commonly used for religious ceremonies, aromatherapy and meditation, what matters most is product quality. If you greed for knowledge, you are at the right place! We gathered for you the main information regarding incense to help you create your own universe.

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Organic Japanese Incense Sticks by Kousaido