Sacred Elephant Luxury Indian Incense | Sold by Vectis Karma

Browse a wide choice of Luxury Indian Incense from Sacred Elephant 

Put aside any previous experience you have had with Indian Incense - this is very special and comes with gurantees on provenance of ingredients and manufacture.

  • 100% free of Chemicals and carcinogens
  • Ingredients produced in a fair-trade manner
  • Not tested on Animals
  • Completely Vegan
  • All natural, no synthetic ingredients
  • Sophisticated, complex, blended scents
  • Long burn times: 40-45 minutes per stick

Sacred Elephant | Pure Luxury Incense Sticks | Vegan | High Quality

In the past we have not focussed much on Indian Incense due to poor experiences - however, all this changed when we discovered this excellent and high quality range from Sacred Elephant! This is Indian Incense like no other - clean burning, complex blends and stand-up fragrances without being harsh or overpowering.

The branding is strong & authentic and the fragrances are a delight. With lots to choose from and many bundle offers, these sticks are a welcome and valuable addition to Vectis Karma's Incense stocks.

The owner/founder of the company is in control of the whole production process and guarantees the provenance of the source ingredients. It's a delight to be in partnership with someone so knowledgable and passionate about their chosen field.

Sacred Elephant | Pure Luxury Incense Sticks | sold by Vectis Karma

All Sacred Elephant Luxury Indian Incense Sticks are made using only the best natural essential oils and resins. Every part of the process from the production of the scents, the blending, the rolling of the final stick and the final packaging is done by hand.

These are truly high quality and the aromatic blends in these sticks will amaze you - we have only experienced such complex blending in Japanese Incense Sticks before.

From £3.99 for single packs of the Luxury Incense Sticks to £19.95 for the boxes in the Spécialiste range. All items ship free of charge in the UK from Vectis Karma.

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Sacred Elephant | Luxury Indian Incense | sold by Vectis Karma