Premium-class Indian Incense from Pure Incense

Premium Luxury Indian Incense by Pure Incense | sold by Vectis Karma | Online Incense Shop

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Pure Incense Indian Incense sticks are very special. Using essential oils sourced from traditional markets in Delhi, Kolkata, Mumbai and Kanpur. They are made in small quantities, hand-rolled and dried naturally in the sun.

Base ingredients for the combustible elements are selected from top-quality powers of Sandalwood, Vanilla and Charcoal. 


The results of this artisanal approach, using the best quality ingredients, are Luxury Indian Incense sticks that are clean-burning, smooth and an aromatic experience without match.

Pure Incense provides a wide range of Luxury Indian Incense, that offers a great choice in fragrances and levels of quality to suit varying budgets and tastes:

Classic range

Explore the accessibly priced Classic range for sticks that easily outperform the myriad of cheap Indian Incense available, which have no heritage, provenance, a guarantee of natural ingredients or avoidance of dangerous chemicals. These are great Incense sticks for their relatively low price.

We sell these 10g packs for £2.25 each.

Absolute Luxury Indian Incense by Pure Incense | sold by Vectis Karma | Online Incense Shop

The Absolute range is more specialised, made in small batches and uses increased quantities and qualities of essential oils. In addition, fewer base ingredients are added, so that the headline fragrance is more potent. 


Whilst mid-range from Pure Incense, these out perform most Indian Incense sticks available anywhere and are truly Luxury Indian Indian Incense sticks.

We sell these 20g packs for £5.95.

Connoisseur/Connoisseur & Vintage - the best items from Pure Incense, are more refined still (than Absolute) and are unrivaled at the Premium end of Luxury Indian Incense. Vintage items are made in very small batches and may not be readily available again - hence are usually 'Limited Editions'.

With the minimum of base materials, only the most concentrated and finest aromatic ingredients added, including AAA-grade essential oils.

Items in this category come in a variety of sizes, including 10g and 20g packs with prices from £5.95 to £12.95

Connoisseur quality | Luxury Indian Incense by Pure Incense | sold by Vectis Karma | Online Incense Shop