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Cast Iron Incense Bowl with Lid | Green | by Japanese maker Iwachu

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Cast Iron Incense Bowl with Lid | Green | by Japanese maker Iwachu
  • Cast Iron Incense Bowl with Lid | Green | by Japanese maker Iwachu
  • Cast Iron Incense Bowl with Lid | Green | by Japanese maker Iwachu

Iwachu Cast Iron lidded Incense Bowl in Green

Made by the prestigious Japanese Cast Iron specialist company Iwachu, which was founded by Sueyoshi Iwashimizu in 1902. This item is a heavy, high-quality item, perfect for both aesthetic display and the functional use of burning Incense Sticks and Cones. 

This item has a pieced lid with Lotus leaf design openings.

Incense Bowls should be filled (not completely - leave some space under the rim) with Sand, which acts as the firm base for either planting Incense Sticks or having Incense Cones resting on the surface. This then acts as both a stable platform for the Incense and as an insulator to dissipate any heat from the burning.

We sell high-quality Black Volcanic Sand, White Marble Sand and both Orange Sand and Red/Brown Sand. Plus, if you wish to use Ash as a base material, we stock the very high-quality White Ash from Shoyeido.

This item will ship with 1 x 200g bag of White Marble sand FREE of charge, saving you £4.95 (message us with the order if you prefer Black, Orange or Red/Brown).

As an alternative to burning Sticks or Cones, you may also use this bowl to burn or heat aromatic material such as Resins or Woodchips. Some of the items we stock for this purpose include high-quality Charcoal from Shoyeido, Mica Plates, Tongs and Sandalwood wood chips.

Product Features: 
  • Made by the renowned cast-iron specialist company, Iwachu
  • Weight approx. 425 grams
  • Approx. 10 cm Tall (4") and 8.5 cm in diameter (just under 3.5")
  • Ships in a box as two elements (Lid and Bowl)
  • Cast Iron, Painted Green 
  • Also available in Red, Purple, Black and Turquoise 
  • Made in Japan

Tips on burning Incense Sticks:

Light the tip of the stick with a match or lighter, then gently blow or fan out the flame, leaving a red ember burning at the tip of the stick. Then insert the stick into the holder. This could be a hole designed for the purpose, or a more open sand area, which holds the stick well and allows flexibility for sticks of different diameters.

When you use a sand-filled bowl for burning Incense sticks, getting rid of the ash is easy. When you want to rid the bowl of accumulated ash, take the bowl outside to an open area, stand up-wind and blow the ash away gently downwind. The ash will dissipate, leaving clean sand behind.

Things to be cautious about when using this incense holder: 

Incense sticks are safer than candles – no open flame – but please be sensible; do not burn unattended. Don’t place in a drafty position (will burn down too quickly and dissipate aroma). Make sure the Incense is fully extinguished before leaving the room. Keep out of the reach of children and animals. 
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