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200g bag of Black Volcanic Sand used to fill incense bowls

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200g bag of Black Volcanic Sand used to fill incense bowls
  • 200g bag of Black Volcanic Sand used to fill incense bowls
  • 200g bag of Black Volcanic Sand used to fill incense bowls


Fine Black Volcanic sand for filling Incense Bowls.

A 200g bag of fine Black Volcanic Sand used to fill incense bowls.
Volcanic sand is made from the igneous rock Basalt - broken down into tiny sand particles by the action of the sea.

Interesting Fact: Basalt rock has also been found/detected on The Moon, Mars, Venus and Io (the 3rd moon of Jupiter). Suffice to say, our Black Volcanic sand comes from The Earth! It's kiln dried, will hold your sticks upright and absorb any heat from the end of the burning stick.

Each bag contains just over 200g. Suggested appropriate bowls to use in conjunction with this sand include:

Tips on burning Incense Sticks:

Light the tip of the stick with a match or lighter, then gently blow or fan out the flame, leaving a red ember burning at the tip of the stick. Then insert the stick into the holder. This could be a hole designed for the purpose, or a more open sand area, which holds the stick well and allows flexibility for sticks of different diameters.

When you use a sand-filled bowl for burning Incense sticks, getting rid of the ash is easy. When you want to rid the bowl of accumulated ash, take the bowl outside to an open area, stand up-wind and blow the ash away gently downwind. The ash will dissipate, leaving clean sand behind.

Things to be cautious about when using incense sticks: 

Incense sticks are safer than candles – no open flame – but please be sensible; do not burn unattended. Don’t place in a drafty position (will burn down too quickly and dissipate aroma). Make sure Incense is fully extinguished before leaving the room. Keep out of reach of children and animals. 
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Customer reviews
Shopping Satisfaction
Very happy with this although it was a smaller bag than I expected (down to my poor judgement of what 200g sand would amount to!).
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Not enough to fill.
David B.
Shopping Satisfaction
As advertised.
Sarah b.
Shopping Satisfaction
Excellent, thanks A +.
Scott O.
Shopping Satisfaction
Perfect product for my incense burners.
Mrs L.