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Chopstick rest | Gloss Black ceramic | Chinese

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Chopstick rest | Gloss Black ceramic | Chinese


Chopstick rest | Gloss Black ceramic | Chinese

A ceramic chopstick rest with a high gloss, black finish.

  • Size is approx. 45mm long - just over 1.5 inches
  • 34mm at the widest point - approx. 1.25 inch
  • Gloss Black, glazed finish
  • Made in China 

chopstick rest ('kuaizi zuo' in Chinese) is tableware, similar to a spoon rest, used to keep chopstick tips off the table and to prevent used chopsticks from contaminating or rolling off tables. They come in various shapes and are made from many materials; ceramic (as these) - also wood, plastic, metal, glass and even precious stones. 

When setting a table, chopstick rests placed on the front-left side of the dishes, with the chopsticks parallel to the table edge and the points toward the left.

Chopstick rests and are an essential part of a table setting for any authentic Chinese (and/or Japanese) meal. You'll find a broad range of both Chopsticks and Chopstick rests in the Vectis Karma online store, both Chinese and Japanese - please see below and search.


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Have only unpacked one to look at but it was as i expected & am sure the the recipient will be pleased with them.